431 Programs

Here are some of the programs and classes that 431 offers, check them out to see which option suits your needs!


For those of you who like a butt kicking cardiovascular workout, this program is just for you. These workouts take on all different types of exercises and exercise programs with keeping one thing in mind…ITS HARD WORK!! All fitness levels are welcome to participate, so come on out!


Using a wide variety of functional movements, this class incorporates Metabolic Conditioning, Gymnastics and Olympic Lifting to promote growth as an athlete and most importantly as a human! All levels of fitness are welcome to try out this program as movements and weights can be scaled to your individual level by your coach.  Each CrossFit member can attend any of the classes offered by 431 (Bootcamp/CrossFit).

CrossFit Endurance 

Cardiovascular (Aerobic/Anaerobic) exercise, body weight movements, and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) will be the main focus for these 30-minute classes.  With little time spent on learning/developing new skills or movements, and more time spent conditioning, this class allows you to consistently increase both muscular and cardiovascular stamina.

CrossFit Lift

Similar to that of a regular CrossFit class with the exception that this class is solely designed to work on pure strength and the mechanics of some of the heavier movements seen in CrossFit and Powerlifting.


Comparable to a ‘Fundamentals’ class or the ‘Workshops’ we have ran in the past, this class is designed for all types of fitness levels to enhance your knowledge on the movements you would see during class WODs.  We will be covering all of the basic CrossFit movements and their mechanics to help better not only your fitness levels but your basic movement pattern as well.  This is a SKILL-ONLY class and will focus mainly on the Gymnastic component of CrossFit.

Mobility & Midline

As we tend to shy away from focusing on posture, ROM, and flexibility during our regular CrossFit classes, throughout these 60-minute classes, you will be coached through movements designed to activate your core and posterior/anterior chains with the hopes of increasing your overall performance.  This class NOW AVAILABLE to Bootcamp Memberships.

Olympic Lifting

This program is designed for the athlete that is looking to brush up on the mechanics of the two Olympic lifts; the snatch and the clean and jerk. Each movement will be broken down into pieces to help each athlete feel more comfortable lifting during their WODs.  Unlimited members have access to this class for free as part of their membership.


Plyometrics are exercises/movements involving repeated rapid stretching and contracting of muscles (as by jumping and rebounding) to increase muscle power.  This is a wonderful accessory class to the CrossFit and Olympic Lifting Program as you will be exposed to movements specific to building power and speed that you wouldn’t typically see in a CrossFit class.  This class is open to all types of fitness levels.


The primary intention of Yoga is to master the mind, body and emotions to enhance our way of life and in many ways, CrossFit looks for the same outcome. We show up at the gym regularly, we push hard against our physical & mental barriers, always striving towards improving ourselves.  Come out to this excellent class and great addition to any workout program.  Free with an UNLIMITED membership.  Please bring your own yoga mat, towel and water bottle.

Joint Prehab *NEW*

It is no secret that injury can happen both inside and outside the gym.  As well, injury is strongly correlated with an increase in bad habits along with a reduction in participation in class/maintaining any sort fitness regiment.  Most of these injuries also occur amongst the largest joints of our body which can really diminish not only our ROM, but also our quality of life.  In order to fully understand how to prevent injury, or rehab an old/current injury we need to establish exactly where the injury exists (or can exist), how you can avoid future injury, and/or how you can maintain a strong joint.  Whether you have a chronic or acute injury, this class will provide you the proper tools to understand how you can avoid, maintain, or fix any major/minor injuries you have ever sustained.

Competitive/Rx Stream – The Herd

With our first exposure to competition coming up in the CrossFit Games Open 2015, The Herd will spend each Tuesday from 7-830pm working together as a group while the rest of the week is spent working off a specifically designed program to help prepare each athlete for not only the Open, but many other competitions held during the year. It’s slightly different and more advanced than a regular class/program and while anyone can join the team, it does require a certain level of technique and a little more commitment to the sport. What we can gaurentee in return for your dedication to the team is that you will be able to lift heavier, polish up your skills, and overall become a better CrossFitter.  Applicable to those who hold an Unlimited CrossFit Membership.

Personal Training/Private Coaching Sessions

Do you need a little more individual attention when it comes to your movements, program, and personal progress?  At 431 we offer private sessions where you and a coach can go 1 on 1 to determine what your needs are, break them down and work on them in detail in order to achieve success!

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