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Starting February 21st, CrossFit HQ will be releasing a workout a week for the next 5 weeks for the worldwide Open segment of the 2019 CrossFit Games Competition.  Alongside this competition, here at 431 we run our very own in-house competition known as Battle of the Bulls.  Each athlete who registers for the 2019 Open will automatically be entered and selected to a team by our very own coaches to ensure fairness and an overall even spread of fitness level throughout each team.  Just like last year, each week there will be a Team/Individual Skill Challenge alongside the WOD that must be completed (judged) and submitted within the same timeline as the corresponding Open workout.  This year, we will be going back to the 2-team format (teams announced February 22nd @ 515pm) and unlike previous years, each team will be lead by not 1, but 2 of your very own 431 coaches to boost up the rivalry and bragging rights throughout the gym.  Team/Individual Challenges will also be amped up this year, so be prepared for some original and interesting tasks…

A returning feature of last years BOTB will include a Weekly Theme at which you are encouraged to dress up!  The team with the most spirit will be awarded 50 points and will be voted on Friday evenings.  It is NOT mandatory to workout in your costumes, but you may get more votes if you do!!!  To see each week’s theme, CLICK HERE.

What’s different this year?  You have TWO options on how to register for the BOTB.

Option #1

Go to and register for the games the traditional way through your Online Profile.

Option #2

If you would like to join in on all of the fun but aren’t interested in the added stress of the online leaderboards, you can pay a fee of $15 to enter ONLY the BOTB Intramural Series.   Please email if this option is for you.

Here’s how it works:

200+ points will be available for each team to earn every week, here’s how you can earn points…

1st Place (Team/Weekly) – 50 Pts

Weekly Team Spirit – 50 Pts

Top Male/Female Performer of the Week – 50 Pts/Athlete

Performance of the Week (Voted Friday’s) – 25 Pts

Team Challenge – 50 Pts

Individual Challenge – 50 Pts


Judging will take place Friday Nights starting at 5pm every week (with the exception of Week #5) and heat times will open for reservation on Zen Planner Thursday evenings, and again it’s a first come first serve basis.  Times will also be dependant on the parameters of each workout, and as we have learned in the past each week is different.  If you aren’t competing, and are looking for something to do on a Friday night, please come on out to cheer on The Herd!!!  As well, if you need to perform the workout at a different time (although highly encouraged to show up Friday evenings), please feel free to contact any of the coaches or judges to make the appropriate arrangements, their emails can be found on their coaches profile page.   If you are interested in judging in this years CFG Open, please email for more information.

The team with the highest point total at the end of the 5 weeks wins the competition and takes home all of the prizes, so be sure to join us for the last Open WOD on Saturday, March 23rd for awards, trophy presentations and most certainly our annual celebratory BBQ!!!

Good luck to all of the competitors!!

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